Baile na Cille Church

A living installation, undefined by time, form or purpose.

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Standing alone atop high ground and in defiance of the onslaught of the North Atlantic winds, Baile Na Cille church marks the site of thousands of years of sacred worship for the residents of Lewis. Built in 1829 to serve the parish of Uig beside the ruins of the former thatched church, in the style of Telford, the new design with it’s unusual inclusion of a gallery floor and gable end bell tower marked a striking and somewhat austere landmark for the people of Timsgarry.  Eventually named out of service by the church in the mid 1990’s the building was later sold to private owners Brian and Miranda Gayton who have a strong desire to return the use of this extraordinary building to the islanders through it’s ongoing re-incarnation as an arts venue.  The building has now been chosen as the permanent venue for the islands new curatorial gallery project Hulabhaig, plans for regeneration are set to commence in 2023.